Lakeland Health Care Center is a privately-owned 195-bed skilled nursing care center located in Passaic County, New Jersey. We at Lakeland take pride in presenting a safe, friendly and nurturing home and in offering the highest quality nursing and clinical care. At Lakeland, residents, families, staff and volunteers all collaborate to create an environment that encourages individuality, personal choice and self-determination.

  • Mission

    It is our mission to provide peace of mind to our residents and families, to be supportive of our staff, to be innovative and reliable in our services, and to remain at all times a beacon of trustworthiness for our community.

  • Facility

    Recent major renovations include installing new landscape and hardscape, remodeling of our rehabilitation suite, upgrading the lighting and ceilings throughout the facility, installing exciting new wall art downstairs, and renovations to resident rooms, beauty parlor and common areas.

  • Lakeland Health Care

    We constantly search out the latest innovations in rehabilitation therapy for persons recovering from Orthopedic surgery and from strokes, as well as from diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Our rehabilitation staff provides a variety of technologically advanced treatment options, Shortwave Diathermy and Therapeutic Ultrasound, to help reduce pain and inflammation, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms and increase local blood flow, thereby enabling patients to maximize the benefit from therapy. Our goal in therapy — as with all our other areas of expertise, including Diabetes Management, Wound Care, Dementia Care, Palliative and Hospice Care — is to enable those entrusted to us to enhance their quality of life, through skilled staff equipped with the most advanced treatment methods and equipment.

  • Why Choose Us

    Providing the highest quality care, combining innovative individualized treatment and support for our residents, resulting in peace of mind for their families.

  • Lakeland Health Care Center is a beloved and highly regarded post-acute care and rehabilitation center located in Passaic County, NJ.

  • Serving the community for over 40 years, Lakeland Health Care Center continues to earn its reputation as a safe, nurturing residence; a home away from home.

  • We excel in short term rehabilitation, sub-acute medical care, long-term residential care and respite stays.